Take advantage of iPod Touch/iPhone VPN with older Cisco concentrators

Okay after a bit of looking around here is a quick recipe for getting your 2.0 iPhone/iTouch working with the SJU system.

1) Search your hard drive for the .pcf file that IT has put there to run your Cisco VPN connection.

Use a text editor to open this file. Inside of this file you will find the following information.

You will need to know your:


To convert your enc_grouppwd to a usable password Google the terms “Cisco vpn decode password”. SHow some creativity and decode your password.

Okay, now onto the iPhone/iTouch.

Go to settings > General >Network > VPN

Your may have something under VPN or not, but shortly you will have SJU Faculty (or something) soon.

Select “Add VPN Configuration”

Use the IPSec tab.

Type in:

– the server IP from your .pcf file
– your SJU user name
– your SJU password
– the groupname from your .pcf file

Slide down and type in your decoded group password (here called a secret)

Okay. You are done. When ever you want to connect to the SJU VPN, look under setting and you will see this connection listed. Slide it on, and you will see the successful connection pop up.

But wait. There is more.

See the next post for how to set-up you email.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my iPod touch set up so it can connect via VPN so I can get my work e-mail easily from home.

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