openSUSE filling in for Mac OS X Leopard

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I have always been a Red Hat guy, and then subsequently a Fedora Core guy. So when my MacBook broke down and I needed a replacement machine I got to thinking what I could use. St. John’s is a windows environment and it is a very integrated windows world. We have a number of machines that are integrated into our Mac OS Server environement as well as the Universities environment, and when we needed a unix machine to handle a number of server side things we had reformatted a T60 ThinkPad for this task. Now I grabbed this ThinkPad and decided to try something different.


So far so good. The install was smooth, despite a reliance on the DVD for installation of extras (only because it is annoying to constanly have to run down that DVD and stick it back in) all has been very, very smooth.

I haven’t sorted out the windows integration, Open Directory binding is beyond me for the moment.

More to follow.