7 thoughts on “What If You Wrote Your Own Essay Exam Questions – Systems Toxicology

  1. In this paper the authors mention two methods of data integration, biology- driven and data- driven strategies. How do these methods differ, and how can data-driven strategies compliment biology-driven research in the future?

  2. 1. Describe why finding an alternative to animal testing is so popular in the future of toxicological research. What tools are needed to do go beyond just a specific target/mechanism for xenobiotics.

    2. Why would clustering of chemicals based on MOA be helpful? Describe how following and knowing a cellular pathway would aid in xenobiotic studies

  3. What are the applications for a toxicongenomics approach? Explain in detail Comparative toxicogenomics and the different stages involved in it.

  4. 1) What are the different cellular stress response pathways? Explain how stress response pathway is used as a measure of toxicity in-vivo and in-vitro.

  5. How come ta relatively young science fields such as system biology and functional genomics found a great use in modern toxicology? How would you use their approaches in order to perform a toxicological study of unknown compound?

  6. Discuss what is common and different between eight (8) stress response pathways and how would you use assess or correlate these pathways between new possible toxic compounds?

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