Upload documents to the Self-Study (Google Apps) wiki for all to users

For the Self-Study wiki documents should be uploaded to the shared document resources. This way all users can access the documents that the committees are using for their standards. This section can be found at the bottom of each committee’s page:


Follow the link within the “Attached Documentation” section to that committee’s documentation page.

A new page will open that has an “Add file” button:


Select the “Add file” button a standard selection box will open:


Select the document you want to upload:

In this case it is a document on the desktop of my local machine titled “Facilities_and_Resources.doc”.


And select the “Upload” button.

Your document will be uploaded and the version, time and user will be recorded. Future versions that have the same name will appear as a new version.


Using this method will allow all users to access your documents, and the link can be copied from your browser and embedded directly into your standards: