Teaching Anatomy Though Dynamic Activities

I find that getting out of my seat is sometimes the best way to learn. Even as teachers conspire to keep us looking up to them, sometimes the best learning moments come as we watch them struggle just as we students do.

The Carvalho article describes a set of activities that can be deployed to help students understand cardiac function and anatomy. I have asked those who would be most effected by this activity to post their responses to it in the comments section. Read on if you would like to hear what they have to say. I know I do.

The McGurk Effect

In Human Anatomy and Physiology we have been discussing the brain and its ability to “fill in” missing information. The McGurk Effect (named after Harry McGurk of McGurk & McDonald, 1976) ref, is a great example of what the brain does when information it receives is in conflict. Take a look, it doesn’t matter if you really know what is happening, the machinery in your brain works the same.

Be sure to take a listen with your eyes closed.